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Truthful video shows just how bad homelessness really is in New York City

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For people who don’t actually live in New York City, the city is largely made out to be all glitz and glamorous. But the harsh reality of New York City is that not everybody is fortunate enough here to actually have a place to live. As many residents know, that can be proven by looking no further than the New York City subway system.

Coronavirus In New York CityPhoto by Erin Lefevre/NurPhoto via Getty Images

A truly heartbreaking video has appeared online that shows homeless New Yorkers (some even recently due to the Coronavirus) piling into the subways hoping to seek refuge away from outside. The response to the video has largely caused city officials to even further be chastised for their failure to address the large-scale problem.

The MTA told The New York Post on Thursday that with the increased police presence; social outreach services, and the banning of shopping carts and such — that homeless people are effectively no longer welcome on the train.



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