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A woman is dead this weekend after jumping in front of the 7th train in Queens

One thing is for certain and that is that New York City is a place where common sense says train barriers should exist but like failed camera systems -- the MTA told locals to forget about it. Our hearts go out to the young woman's family understood to have been in her early 20 's -- cops aren't saying much else. The heartbreaking act occurred just shortly after 4:15am on Friday.

A man was attacked at Wall Street ‘s station in NYC as out of control subway violence continues

It's only midweek in New York City nd violence on the subway systems is just as bad as the last. According to the NYPD, a man was attacked today on the Wall Street station by a man wielding a box-cutter. Police say that the man was traveling Northbound on the 4 train from Wall Street when another man approached him and engaged in an argument over a seat on the subway. From there the man was attacked with the box-cutter in the latest act of violence underground inside New York City 's struggling subway system.

School nurses and social workers are headed into NYC ‘s subway system to tackle its scary health crisis

New York City has long failed at helping its people most in need and one needs to look no further than the subway system as that one shining example. In an effort to clean up the city 's system, Mayor Eric Adams has announced that school nurses and crisis social workers in teams will be popping up across the system in all 5 boroughs. For most New Yorkers, everybody is pretty aware of how bad the health and homelessness problem is underground because the city has largely failed in its response. Plus there's also mounting crimes being committed against tourists and innocent people for no other reason than crime. Adams has his work cutout for him this time considering the recent spikes in train showings; attacks, stabbings, murders, and stalkers. The full announcement of the new t...
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NYC announces vaccine mandate for all public schools

As troubled governor Andrew Cuomo is on his way out tonight a vaccine mandate has made way into NYC ‘s public school system. On Monday, Mayor Bill De Blasio announced that all public school employs (understood to be about 143,000 of them) are required to have the COVID-19 vaccination without a testing alternative. It is understood to be a landmark decision and likely will cause other states to follow suit with their vaccination efforts. CNN reports that the mandate must still be negotiated with the local teachers union that represents much of common New York life inside public schools.
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Possible serial killer reported in NYC amid multiple slashings on the subway, perp on the run

Troubling news in New York City this weekend amid reports that a lone stabber is causing hell underground. According to the NYPD, at least two people are dead with at least 2 more critically injured after being stabbed by an unknown assailant. The latter two did however survive. Police say that the first two incidents were reported on opposite ends of the subway system via the A line. In the Inwood neighborhood and as far as the Rockaways -- the first two having been found slumped dead inside of the subway car. “Three of these incidents appear to be connected and the Detective Bureau is looking into the possibility that all four could have been committed by one individual,” Transit Chief Kathleen O’Reilly told reporters. Shortly after 11:30 pm Friday, an elderly man was stab...

FAQ: Can you receive food stamps and PUA at the same time?

This guide applies to those receiving food stamps and about to start PUA or may already be receiving both. This guide also primarily points to New York City although may be identically or fairly similar to other places. In every state they use (in what may be their own broad defintiion of such) what is called the poverty level. For example according to the research we performed for this FAQ —- in New York State the poverty level is 130% or lower. That means for a single person you can have roughly $2,042 in income a month and roughly $16,000 and some change a year. Yes PUA does apply to income that is counted in terms of SNAP and such in places like New York. According to our research, most states have an automatic match system that will let the SNAP agency know you are recei...
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As of today, e-scooters are legal in New York City

It’s a big day in New York City today (by the way, welcome to Monday.) Today is the first day that e-scooters and bikes are officially legal in New York City. City officials previously long betrothed the devices over claims that they were accident prone, and while they are, they are generally pretty safe so long as you’re not stupid while on one of them. The city had already stopped enforcing previous rules as the pandemic took hold.
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Coronavirus cases are climbing once again in New York City

In what started as the worst hit state in the U.S; and then ended up in the strict lockdowns in America, it looks like NYC is getting a second wave of the virus (likely.). According to officials, Saturday ‘s positive case numbers rose above 1k for the first time stoking fears that if it isn’t contained —- NYC could be in trouble in a matter of weeks. The number of cases comes as students are headed back to the classroom which will likely carry an even higher number of COVID-19 cases. Some families are still refusing to send their kids back to school while others have lauded the decision in an effort to get back to some sense of what they call “normalcy.”
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NY ‘s DOE releases long awaited school schedule

New York City hasn’t quite figured out its school thing just yet, but the Department of Education is certain that the new school schedule released will quell some of the anxiety local parents are feeling in the midst of the new school year. According to the DOE, the following schedule should suffice if and when schools finally manage to re-open (if there suddenly isn’t an apocalypse 2.0.) According to the calendar, all schools will somewhat function as normal except with a blended learning plan. In-person classes will begin for the first time on 21 September. Meanwhile students can reportedly expect to be in remote learning classes on Election Day as most schools will be used as polling sites throughout NYC.
NYC yet again saw a deadly night of shootings in the past 24 hours
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NYC yet again saw a deadly night of shootings in the past 24 hours

New York City for most isn’t the place to be right now. Amid reports of residents of all types fleeing, in fact, that move may actually be justified. According to the NYPD, there have been a reported 14 shootings spanning Monday evening to Tuesday lending even more stats to a shocking rise in violence. Spanning innocent victims in the Bronx clear to Bed Stuy in Brooklyn cops say at least 3 are dead from critical injuries with numerous others expected to survive. The shootings add a summer ravaged by gun violence throughout almost every borough in New York City —- against the backdrop of a failure of a Governor and Mayor who refuse to address the problem. Police officers at the scene of a shooting in the Bronx today. Robert Meccea / The New York Post
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