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School nurses and social workers are headed into NYC ‘s subway system to tackle its scary health crisis

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New York City has long failed at helping its people most in need and one needs to look no further than the subway system as that one shining example. In an effort to clean up the city ‘s system, Mayor Eric Adams has announced that school nurses and crisis social workers in teams will be popping up across the system in all 5 boroughs. For most New Yorkers, everybody is pretty aware of how bad the health and homelessness problem is underground because the city has largely failed in its response.

Plus there’s also mounting crimes being committed against tourists and innocent people for no other reason than crime. Adams has his work cutout for him this time considering the recent spikes in train showings; attacks, stabbings, murders, and stalkers. The full announcement of the new teams and groups is expected to be announced this morning at the Fulton Street train centre near city hall.

The groups also hope to help the mentally ill who are also often seen on the train. If you see these people out there on the subway systems give them an air high-five they’re doing a job that desperately needs to be done.



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