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FAQ: Can you receive food stamps and PUA at the same time?

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This guide applies to those receiving food stamps and about to start PUA or may already be receiving both. This guide also primarily points to New York City although may be identically or fairly similar to other places. In every state they use (in what may be their own broad defintiion of such) what is called the poverty level. For example according to the research we performed for this FAQ —- in New York State the poverty level is 130% or lower. That means for a single person you can have roughly $2,042 in income a month and roughly $16,000 and some change a year. Yes PUA does apply to income that is counted in terms of SNAP and such in places like New York.

According to our research, most states have an automatic match system that will let the SNAP agency know you are receiving UI or if you perhaps have gotten over a certain amount. We were unable to confirm if that was the case in New York City. What we did learn that is yes it is possible to receive both, thus, in New York City you must report income changes if perhaps your income goes over what is defined as the poverty level. In the instance of the upcoming PUA (the additional $300 a week) many people likely will exceed the poverty limit and therefore would be required within 10 working days to notify their case worker.

Failure to do so likely will result in a case being made against you that would entitle the agency to therefore take from your benefits until the overpayment is actually paid back. This question was sparked by a family in the Bronx who was unsure whether they could receive both (the new PUA is stated to start this week) so we did a little digging.

As you go along with your pandemic insurance (this includes gig workers) who may be on public assistance/food stamps just remember to keep the income mark in mind. It doubles for families and such and the official numbers can be found (by clicking here.) Otherwise you should be fine receiving both because PUA is only for a short time longer.



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