29 May, 2024

Seattle moves to defund police department: Reports

Joining a growing list of states prepared to make a historic change to their way of life, Washington ‘s Seattle neighbourhood looks ready to make the jump. According to City Council members, a growing vote which appears to have the majority has surfaced and seeks to entirely defund the police department. The move comes after […]

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They redid their entire approach to policing, here’s how it went for this city

Amid the discussion of police reform in America one particular city is finding itself dominating the headlines. In 2012, Camden N.J took on the daunting task of undoing and then redoing its approach to large-scale policing. As a result per city officials, violent crimes have now plummeted more than 40% citywide. Compared to the old […]

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City council to dismantle Minneapolis Police Department

In a rare move — the city council of Minneapolis is preparing to reportedly dismantle its police department. The City Council confirmed over the weekend that they indeed had plans (that appear to be veto-proof) to dismantle the city’s troubled police department entirely and rebuild it from ground up. Police officers deploy to disperse protesters […]

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