Putin refuses to acknowledge Biden won the election until Trump does exactly the same

In a rare media session and statement, Russian despot Vladamir Putin announced to the world that he will not confirm that Biden won the election until Trump does. According to reports, the following comments were made after Putin was questioned about his American counterpart. But that confidence can only be given to a candidate whose […]

Guatamala tried to seize budget cuts in secret, as a result, people took to the streets in mass protest

GUATAMALA CITY, GUATAMALA — The Central American country of Guatamala is quite literally on fire this weekend. Following the Coronavirus pandemic and twin hurricanes people have already long been on edge and ready to rage against an already corrupt government. Now, people are reportedly raging and protesting against a secret negotiation that took place over […]

The Automaker’s 2019 Profits Were Essentially Wiped Out By A Tough Fourth Quarter

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