Guatamala tried to seize budget cuts in secret, as a result, people took to the streets in mass protest

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GUATAMALA CITY, GUATAMALA — The Central American country of Guatamala is quite literally on fire this weekend. Following the Coronavirus pandemic and twin hurricanes people have already long been on edge and ready to rage against an already corrupt government. Now, people are reportedly raging and protesting against a secret negotiation that took place over new legislation aimed at budget cuts.

Those budget cuts aren’t anywhere near cutting enormous political salaries or payoffs, but, instead budget cuts aimed at education and health. Health cuts at a time during a global pandemic with the death toll only rising. Thousands of people took to the streets in front of the National Palace/Congress building where some quite literally set the pinnacle of power on fire.

Ironically, Guatamala ‘s corrupt leader approved $65,000 for meals to pay for government lunches and dinners but didn’t want to approve funds for coronavirus patients and other important services. People are now calling for his resignation following reports that Guatamala ‘s VP is prepared to quit.



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