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Dems on the brink of “Build Back Better” vote as Friday has arrived: Reports

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If Friday comes to fruition it appears Democrats may finally have their “Build Back Better” plans. According to reports, Dems are pushing for a vote on Biden ‘s humungous $1.5T spending bill along with a companion bill that would spell a dramatic political accomplishment for the Democratic party if it were to come to pass later today.

“We’re going to pass both bills,” Pelosi insisted at a midday press briefing.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is hoping to actually pass it on to the Senate once the House takes care of their part. When and if it makes it to the Senate, then, the bill would be convened upon and determined what is supported and isn’t supported by Senate members.

Some of the most popular tidbits of the bill include: caps on insulin at $35 a dose, Medicare would be able to negotiate with pharmacies, caps would come on drug prices and more. Most of the proposals in the bill would actually have initial profound implications for the everyday American almost all of them positive in manner.



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