Panera Bread has now issued warnings on its own charged lemonade drinks after college student’s death sparked lawsuit

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If you need a further reminder to avoid these drinks … buckle up we have something in store for you. Earlier this week, it emerged that Panera Bread has been sued by the family of a young woman named Sarah Katz. Katz, 21, died last year after consuming of these infamous drinks.

With a lawsuit always comes a response. According to reports, Panera Bread has issued changes to the displays containing its charged lemonade. The changes according to social media posts as one pointed out read sort of like a surgeon general warning.

The chain was sued over pretty much not having one of these listed at all. In the suit, Katz’s family maintained that their daughter did not know how much caffeine was truly in the drink because the display lacked the full necessary information.

Click to see the changes.



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