The Local: $4m worth of pricey drugs found inside trendy pizzeria, disturbing news of a Sikh man’s murder in Queens sparks outrage, plus city to once again tighten rules for adults in migrant shelters

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Welcome to this edition of The Local by Bazaar New York.

1. A huge find during a raid on a pizzeria has police talking.

According to reports, a trendy pizzeria was raided this week only for cops in turn to find more than $4m worth of pricey drugs. Cops say that those involved are Gaudencio Rosendo Perez, Zulema Cardenas Espinoza and Alexander Samboy were using the eatery, Mexzzarella Pizzeria for their huge drug operation. The operation for quite a while ended up going on right across the street from a school in the Bronx.

2. The murder of a Sikh man in Queens has people talking and rightfully so.

Last week a man by the name of Jasmer Singh was killed after a vehicular accident turned deadly in Kew Gardens. According to reports, Singh’s family are now calling for hate crime charges to be brought against the killer.

Here’s what happened.

Last week, Singh was driving his wife home from a doctors appointment when he was involved in a fender bender with another driver. Reports say that he was met with extreme hostility as a result of the crash. As it stands, the tragic murder took place on Thursday just after noon. The driver has been identified as Gilbert Augustin.

3. Rules are changing once more for single adult migrants in the city’s overworked shelter system.

Single migrants in the city’s shelter system are about to once more be met with some unwanted rule changes. According to reports, the previously shortened 30 day stay rule is being shortened once more. It comes as the city struggles to house everyone including everyday New Yorkers.

“We anticipate that in the next several weeks we will be rolling out the timeline for the 30-day notices for adults in the DHS system,” New York City Department of Social Services Molly Wasow Park testified Monday, adding, “with the understanding that we will work with individuals who still need assistance at the end of 30 days.”



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