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Evening Wires: Melania ‘s hush-hush re-up revealed in prenup talks, a shock find just blocks from infamous Bronx daycare, plus here’s your local weather report

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1. Melania Trumo quietly once again renegotiated her prenup just as Donald previously prepped to announce his second bid for the White House.

New reports claim that for at least he fourth time in several years Melania Trump is ensuring she and her son Barron are set for life. According to reports, Melania recently renegotiated her prenup just before Trump decided to announce his second bid for the WH. The new agreement is understood to include financing for his son; wife, and is also to include property.

2. That now infamous Bronx daysare apparently had some interesting neighbors according to officials.

Officials are out this evening with a wild discovery. According to officials, the local neighborhood of that now infamous Bronx daycare.…. has much more to it than meets the eye.


3. You can now get your local NEW YORK weather report right here inside Daily News America.

Later this evening, a weather info box is scheduled to appear. In it users and readers will be able to obtain and view up to date local weather information.



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