Good Afternoon: This may be the real reason Russell Brand left UK tv in shock revelation, Zelenskyy’s headed to America, plus today’s top Netflix recommendation

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Good day everyone and happy Monday grab that afternoon latte and let’s get started.

1. Russell Brand ‘s UK TV career came to an end for different reasons than he initially led on allege new reports.

Deadline reports that back in 2018 Brand abruptly left UK TV but now it appears we know why. According to the report, Brand was accused of sexual assault on camera at the time resulting in his exit. It is one of many of the latest allegations against the comedian. We are covering this extensively as other reports suggest there are at least 5 more known predators and Brand not the only one.

2. Zelenskyy’s headed to America to ask for money for the ongoing war sparked by Russia’s invasion.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy is headed to the US to speak at the UN General Assembly and is expected to press allied countries including America for money funding for their side of the war. It is the latest effort to secure monies by Ukraine to continue to fend off Russia’s aggression.

3. Today’s Netflix recommendation is Muted (El Silencio) on Netflix.

We’re not going to say too much but this is definitely worth the watch. Muted is about a young man who for all that counts is an exceptionally brilliant young man. But as with life and discovering new problems with oneself including their mind — a tragic discovery and a famous scientist mom turn his entire life upside down in this startling drama.

Rating: 4 stars



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