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Officials in Alabama are still disobeying a federal court order to draw a Congressional map that takes Black people seriously

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For the second noted time, officials in Alabama have lost their bid to get their version of a Congressional map drawn. In the long and drawn out fight, officials are refusing to draw a realistic map because it means Black residents would have a real chance of electing someone they otherwise don’t like.

According to reports, the same three panel judge that originally oversaw Alabama’s antics has now ruled that the state once again failed to deliver on a court mandated Congressional map that also did proper service to Black voters.

Black voters make up about 27% of the state’s population but are increasingly facing continued struggles to achieve proper representation in Alabama and beyond.

“We are deeply troubled that the State enacted a map that the State readily admits does not provide the remedy we said federal law requires,” wrote the judges according to CNN — two of them were appointed by former President Donald Trump for the record.

The state must now once again redraw its map that is required to take into account Black voters. The Supreme Court ruled back in June that the state was required to do so, but they openly and publicly defied a Supreme Court order.



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