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What is an NDA and how is it used?

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This explanatory article lays it bare what exactly an NDA is and why it is popularly used for (for a variant of reasons) throughout America. An NDA stands for a non-disclosure agreement.

That document while initially intended to have good intentions as of late has been caught in the news because it has been misused. With sex crime cases like that of Dr. Ford & Brett Kavanaugh, er, and now Joe Biden and Tara Reade — many are wondering what an NDA is used for and why.

An example

Typically, this document is used to keep confidential information or otherwise “secret” information between the originating parties. In that sense of the document, the doc has earned its stripes as a viable way for protecting certain kinds of information.

But as of late, despots; politicians, and the like have taken to this document in a bid to quell dirty secrets; rape-y tendencies, and other weird things from coming out about them during their careers. The document is largely and mostly abused by powerful men who assume they can get away with everything.



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