Fallen crypto big shot Sam Bankman-Fried hit with four additional charges

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Crypto scammer Sam Bankman-Fried is now facing more than 155 years behind bars. According to reports, SBF has been charged with four additional counts of bank fraud in the ongoing historic case against him.

SBF is also accused of making at least 300 very illegal political donations during his time behind FTX. He is also accused of operating an unlicensed money operator.

It is not currently known if he will return to New York amid the latest developments with his trial set for October 2023. The latest charges levied against him revealed that he used social media particularly twitter to mislead the public. Prosecutors allege that he posted a series of misleading tweets leading up to FTX’s infamous collapse.

It has also been discovered that he used his illegal donations to acquire influence within the Democratic and Republican parties of America.



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