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Ozy Media founder ran company like an organized crime ring: Feds

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Controversial media company Ozy Media is back in the headlines. According to reports, federal authorities are now claiming that the organization has for some time been ran as a criminal organization.

The story gets baffling from here brace yourself.

In indictments unsealed this week, federal authorities say that between impersonating other media executives the company was long committing fraud pretty much from the jump. Its head Carlos Watson arrested a Manhattan hotel is the latest figure from the once shining company to go down for their wild crimes.

Federal authorities say the allegations and criminal actions extend far beyond fraud though.

Indictments show that the company is accused of using its fraudulent practices to prop up the company which had been struggling behind the scenes despite the way they made it look to the public.

It is alleged that they helped defraud investors out of about $50m and even famously impersonated a Youtube executive according to a previously published bombshell report in the New York Times.



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