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Mila Kunis ‘s shocking new film Luckiest Girl Alive is facing heavy criticism

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Based on Jessica Knoll ‘s 2015 novel by the same name, Luckiest Girl Alive is facing some criticism after premiering on Netflix. The film features several references and depictions of sexual assault and references to gun violence and school shootings. For some reason, however, the streamer did not add a warning to the film before it begins. Social media is now demanding that change and fast amid claims that the film is traumatic.

“Wow. Good job, @netflix on the trigger warning you didn’t provide on your Luckiest Girl Alive movie smh,” chimed one disappointed viewer. “PSA for anyone who is gonna watch the movie, there is very graphic intense scenes of sexual assault in this movie.”

“Netflix really dropped the ball on not adding a giant trigger warning for Luckiest Girl Alive,” declared another.

It is unclear if Netflix actually intends to add a trigger warning.



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