Foul mouthed dipshit Katie Hopkins has been deported after mocking COVID rules

Because those COVID rules are in part what is saving her life and that of those around her but Katie Hopkins doesn’t care. As she was apparently in country to film Celebrity Big Brother, Hopkins instead used her spare time while in waiting to mock the country’s fairly strict COVID-19 protocols that have been in […]

A new name has entered Britney Spears’ conservatorship battle

Britney Spears’ court appointed attorney may want out of his job but he probably won’t be going anywhere immediately anytime soon. According to reports published over the weekend, Samuel is on his way out as Britney ‘s longtime representation as many troubling revelations within her conservatorship became public information. Now Britney ‘s made new good […]

Suzzanne Douglas perhaps best known for films like The Parent Hood has died

IN MEMORIAM: SUZANNE DOUGLAS. According to social media posts by a woman reported to be Douglas’s cousin, Suzzanne Douglas has passed away after a colourful life on and off screen. Essence reports that Douglas was all but 54 years old. Angie Tee, the cousin, made the post on Facebook confirming her death. “Suzzanne Douglas a beautiful […]

Bill Cosby to be released from prison following PA ‘s highest court overturning entire case

Bill Cosby is once again a free man. According to PA ‘s highest court, a previously undisclosed agreement with a prosecutor meant that Bill Cosby should have never actually been charged though prosecutors went back on their word all together. Cosby had been serving his sentence just outside of Philly and had preferred to stay […]

Report: The NYT sat on that Scott Rudin expose over fear it would lose hefty advertising payday

A bombshell new report by the Hollywood Reporter is painting a bleak picture of life behind the New York Times. According to the bombshell report, the NYT allegedly sat on what would become of its expose on none other than Hollywood mega-producer Scott Rudin. Rudin for those that weren’t aware was at one point one […]

Britney Spears just told the world her Dad has been abusing his control for years and it is heartbreaking

Britney Spears is the topic of the summer. On Wednesday (practically for the first time ever), Spears broke her silence in her decade+ long conservatorship that has seen her father at the helm of her life. As previously suspected, Spears’ in her own words, has admitted to being subjected to lengths of abuse that were […]

Former child star Drake Bell pleads guilty to attempted sexual crimes against a child

Those crimes understood to have been sending explicit content/messages to underage girls before he was apprehended. According to what we’ve learned, Bell plead guilty to a 4th degree felony and a 1st degree misdemeanor on Wednesday in an Ohio courtroom. Per official information — he is expected to be sentenced in July and is facing […]

Con artist Jen Shah has so many changing stories about what she did nobody knows what actually happened

Jen Shah the former famous housewife who made millions doing so is now changing her story and tune about what really happened with her infamous fraud scheme. According to Page Six, Shah is now claiming that she was unlawfully tricked by authorities into signing away her Miranda Rights because her contacts were “dry.” In the […]

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