Eric Adams wants to return plainclothes NYPD units to the streets of NYC

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Because Eric Adams is a former cop that believes cops can do no wrong and that cops should be bolstered rather than minimalised. According to Adams — he intends to bring back the disbanded plainclothes units that often previously terrorized the streets of New York City. One of the original reasons the previous unit(s) were disbanded were because they following protests over police brutality — were revealed to contain members who had committed acts of unwarranted violence towards Black people prior.

“I made it clear on the campaign trail,” Adams said on CNN Thursday morning, a day after the heated meeting with Newsome at Brooklyn Borough Hall. Hawk Newsome has proudly stood up to Adams’ who is almost inevitably going to return the terror of the NYPD to the streets of New York City. We’ve seen this movie before — their idea of community safety is to instill fear.

“I’m going to put in place not the Anti-Crime Unit, I’m going to put in place a plainclothes gun unit. We must zero in on gun violence in our community. You’ve seen what’s happening when a young man, 21 years old, was shot by a 17-year-old man carrying a gun,” Adams said. Adams maintains that he wants to reinvent the programme — but that might not be a good idea considering the NYPD is littered with bigoted racist officers who have yet to even admit to their own acts of ignorance.



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