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Stealthing is now illegal in California, as states gear up to *finally* mark heinous act against the law

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Stealthing is often defined as intentionally removing a condom without the consent of another (simply typing the word in on sites like Pornhub will return a bevvy of shocking results.) The act has been around for a while though many places and countries widely consider the act to be rape whilst no state in the U.S until now has criminalized such actions.

This week CA Governor Newsom announced that legislation has officially been signed which now makes the act sexual battery. It is a first for the United States considering according to past Pornhub statistics the term was once most popular in America.

Advocates for the legislation have long called the act rape-adjacent (hint: it most definitely is and it isn’t just women who experience such.) CA hopes that other states will follow because of the sheer number of online communities that support such acts against other people.



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