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Pfizer is making its case that you may need a 3rd shot, so far the U.S government is pushing back

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In a polarized America that’s barely vaccinated as it is — Pfizer is moving to make a 3rd shot a reality as the battle against COVID-19 rages on. According to the firm, they’re moving forward with getting FDA permissions to move on a 3rd shot that would function as a booster shot of sorts (think similar to previous childhood vaccines you may have gotten.)

Of course the news isn’t sitting well with the already vaccine hesitant America. Pfizer is running into some basic issues though considering the likes of Dr. Fauci has outright said that at least right now a third shot is not likely. While admitting such Fauci did not rule out in the future that something may change if COVID isn’t under control.

Pfizer appears to be maintaining that scientific research by its top doctors indicates that protection levels increase 5-10 fold for those who have had a third shot (although it’s worth noting that nobody knows how many more variants there actually are.)



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