States are still battling over who gets unemployment benefits and who doesn’t

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Two words some Americans have become all too familiar with in the past year: unemployment benefits. Those benefits have been a critical actor in keeping many family’s alive at a time in which jobs aren’t paying enough but Republicans would like Americans to believe there are other reasons people are still drawing from the dole.

Folks in places like Oklahoma and Montana are even reportedly joining multiple lawsuits to force their states to turn the benefits back on. Most workers seem to feel that the benefits were ended prematurely and unfairly rather than when they were supposed to be ended.

But GOP governors argue that the “worker shortage” was reason enough to cancel the benefits to get people back into the office. That being a claim that so far has not held up against the court of public opinion and the dangers of the expanding Coronavirus pandemic + vaccine hesitation.

Lots of Americans are coming to the realization that half of them weren’t being paid enough before the pandemic and had become expendable during said pandemic.



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