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A new name has entered Britney Spears’ conservatorship battle

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Britney Spears’ court appointed attorney may want out of his job but he probably won’t be going anywhere immediately anytime soon. According to reports published over the weekend, Samuel is on his way out as Britney ‘s longtime representation as many troubling revelations within her conservatorship became public information.

Now Britney ‘s made new good on her promise to find her own representation. TMZ reports that  Mathew S. Rosengart, yes that Rosengart, will be discussing representing Spears’ throughout the remainder of her case. Rosengart is a high powered celebrity attorney known for winning his cases.

 “Pursuant to my statement in open court on June 23, 2021, my rights, and my desire to end the above-referenced conservatorship as to my father Jamie P. Spears, it is my desire to choose and retain my own counsel, at Greenberg Traurig, LLP as set forth above,” Britney Spears says in legal documents seen by TMZ.



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