Republicans are now launching efforts to take control of state-level election offices

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In their all out quest to take over elections, Republicans are reportedly plotting to make a play for election administration offices.

Countrywide efforts in the United States are making it evidently clear that Republicans know that they. are losing their grip on power and are expressing they’ll stop at nothing to keep it. In efforts revealed this week, Texas is leading that pack of Republicans as Senate Bill 7 makes its way through the chambers in Tx legislation.

The idea should terrify everyone because as it stands it appears that the GOP is staging an all out assault on democracy in hopes to overthrow it. As pointed out by Politico last week, multiple GOPers are running for key offices throughout America some even going as far as hopeful for Sec of State positions.

It all comes down to a bizarre power trip where some believe that whilst in control of the office they’ll be ensured that votes go towards a GOP candidate or worse Trump again in 2024.



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