A new COVID-19 variant has been found, here’s what you need to know.

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Despite restrictions being relaxed (and other things) COVID-19 is fara from over. Over the weekend, Viatnamese officials confirmed that it appears a new hybrid version of the virus has been found.

A new health warning has surfaced in Vietnam. According to the AP, Vietnamese officials have reportedly discovered what they’re calling a hybrid of at least 3 different variants of the COVID-19 virus. Officials tell the outlet that the hybrid appears to be of the Indian; UK, and at least one other variant. It is unclear at this time just how deadly the hybrid is though officials in the area are waving a red flag.

Officials tell the AP that the new hybrid variant appears to be the root of the latest transmission in Vietnam. At least 30 of the 63 regions in the country are experiencing spikes in virus cases.



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