Not so fast on that whole Tulsa Race Massacre event

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An event essentially meant to apologize to the survivors and for the city of Tulsa ‘s actions against people in the first place is no longer taking place. According to The Guardian, talks between the lawyers representing the known survivors and their families and officials have entirely fallen apart. Survivors reportedly feel that they were being duped out of financial payments that were “close” to being fair for what had occurred because of mostly no fault of their own.

According to their lawyer, talks broke down because the city just isn’t willing to work with them.

“After months of zero communication and under immense pressure that John Legend and Stacey Abrams may no longer participate if the survivors were not centered, a meeting was scheduled for [last] Saturday,” Solomon-Simmons told the Associated Press.

“Immediately following that call, our legal team submitted a list of seven requests to ensure the survivors’ participation with the commission’s scheduled events. The agreement was to have answers on each of the requests by [last Tuesday]. That didn’t happen.”



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