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VP Kamala Harris went back on word using secret trust after all: Disclosures

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Vice President Kamala Harris apparently and allegedly according to multiple reports is going back on her own word. According to VP Harris ‘s own disclosure only part of her actual financial portrait is available to the public. That partial view is because Harris ‘s family including herself have stored the bulk of their wealth behind what appears to be a family owned trust. A violation of her own very words that she and Biden promised to avoid doing while on the campaign trail.

Harris ‘s reversal on her own policy pledge paint a picture of an administration that at least in part might not be living up to its partial promises though widely living up to others. It raises a series of ethical questions as to why the Harris family isn’t actually releasing the full disclosure including what is in the trust.

‘This loophole has allowed many senior officials — including President Trump — to avoid disclosing significant financial interests,’ said the pledge.

Biden will work with Congress to close this loophole; and will meanwhile require that any member of his administration who is a beneficiary of a discretionary trust disclose all of its holdings.’ 



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