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Despite growing list of accusers, Psaki says Cuomo will not be removed from COVID leadership call

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has made it clear that the White House in fact will not be getting further involved in Andrew Cuomo ‘s stunning fall from grace. According to the Press Sec, the decision to whether or not remove Cuomo from leading the weekly COVID-19 call will be left up to the Governors Association. An association that Cuomo ironically leads although it is unclear how they’d move for his removal.

A reporter pressed Psaki on why Cuomo was placed in the role to begin with, though, her answer didn’t really quite address the elephant in the room.

One of the reasons that it’s been set up to engage directly with governors is that there were operational aspects of the way the last administration approached COVID and approached … the distribution of vaccines or approached planning and engagement with governors that wasn’t working,” Psaki said.



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