Barclays, Madison Sq Garden to be key points during Pres Election in November

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As the U.S President Election continues to approach — New York City is looking for all kinds of ways to ensure that people can safely vote and in a manner that won’t scare others. On Tuesday, the Board of Elections announced that they managed to strike deals with both places and their owners to allow voters to use the space to cast ballots. Using each of the mammoth locations will allow voters to easily socially distance but still be able to gather for the historic election.

“What a boost for our staff that has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic as essential employees to see a leader like the Barclays step up to the plate and help us all — all voters in the City of New York, in our time of need,” said Michael Ryan, the executive director of the Board of Elections. “It’s really is a wonderful thing.” Per the New York Post.



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