25 May, 2024

A Real Housewife Jen Shah has been arrested on federal fraud charges, faces decades behind bars

Jen Shah of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fame is now a federal prison inmate. The former reality T.V stars’ stunning fall from grace apparently came at her own expense amid reports that she is actually a wild scam artist. According to court documents out of the Eastern District of New York, Shah […]

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CDC director warns Americans that COVID ‘s third wave may already be here

A third wave that could pose dramatic consequences to an economy and country already deeply battered by the Coronavirus. According to NBC News, the director Rochelle Walensky has come forth with claims that doom may be on the horizon for the United States. “I’m speaking today not necessarily as your CDC director, and not only […]

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Multiple injuries reported following stabbing at a Canadian library, here’s what you need to know

North Vancouver, Canada — The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have confirmed this morning that a weekend stabbing is under investigation that occurred at a local library. Police say that at least 1 person is dead with multiple other injured after a random stabbing attack at the library. The violence reportedly happened at the Lynn Valley […]

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Bad Girls Club star Deshayla Harris has been killed in a deadly shootout in Virginia

Norfolk Virginia — Deshayla Harris of Bad Girls Club fame has passed away. According to police in Norfolk Virginia, Harris was among those killed in a deadly shootout in the city on Friday along with multiple other people. Suspects are unknown, though, multiple leads are reportedly being investigated by local authorities. Harris famously appeared in […]

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Kim Kardashian confirms being called a white supremacist is what ended her marriage (among other things)

Kim Kardashian ‘s marriage drama is finally over but that doesn’t mean everything is known already. Last night, the second episode in the family ‘s final season of their reality show aired. In the episode, viewers got ahold of what they had been eager for. Answers. In the episode, Kim admits that the real reason […]

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The wild tale of how a best selling author set out to prove a man’s innocence

Proving one’s innocence is never quite the easy task. But when you’re an international best selling author the task can actually nearly wreck everything you’ve ever decidedly built for yourself. The Marshall Project has laid out a stunning piece on Sara Gruen, best-selling author of Water For Elephants. Gruen ‘s quest to prove Charles Murdoch […]

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Arkansas has signed a bill allowing doctors to refuse service on religious grounds

Arkansas Gov Hutchinson is making headlines today for a ransacked signing of a bill that now permits doctors and healthcare providers to refuse service based on religious or moral grounds. The enforcement of the bill remains uncertain though Hutchinson seems blind to the idea that many will abuse such a bill for their own personal […]

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