Very different stories are emerging out of the New York Times over the firing of one Lauren Wolfe

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Columnist Lauren Wolfe who has long been a respected freelance journalist (among other things) found herself without a job leading into the inauguration of Joe Biden. Her cushy gig at the New York Times reportedly came to an end following a tweet by Wolfe that conservative quickly pounced on which apparently noted “media bias.”

The tweet merely noted that Wolfe “had chills” during the fact that Biden ‘s plane was touching down. Nothing more nothing less. The Times caved to what is being called a conservative hate crusade, mostly, led by critics who are mad that the media is not as right-wing as some would like it to be.

Critics falsely claimed that Wolfe ‘s tweet was evidence of bias although it contained no mention of such. The Times, thus, maintains that Wolfe was not fired over a tweet but refused to divulge any further details as to her firing according to multiple reports. The NY Times Union is reportedly investigating the incident.



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