There’s a really bizarre phone text scam going around, here’s what you need to know

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Editors note: This article mentions an app called Last2Chat and a text verification on your phone. We have a couple people throughout our agency that have received the text but have no idea who or what it actually comes from.

First reported by our British sister site Bazaar Daily UK, the app appears to be some sort of possible data phishing scam. The app appears in both the IOS/Android store although not much further information is available about the company behind it. The company on their site, however, maintains that the random text messages come from “friends signing each other up.” But we can confirm that likely isn’t the case at all.

We’re advising everyone to not at all under any circumstances install this app on their phone. We’re conducting a little research into it, but, so far we’ve come to the conclusion that it appears to be swiping and collecting the data off of cell phones which is how it may be getting your phone number to begin with.



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