Law enforcement is gearing up for a potentially violent week in America

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Law enforcement agencies across America are gearing up this weekend for what is likely to be a violent week nationwide. On Wednesday, Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris are set to be inaugurated as President and Vice President respectively but not without wide-ranging security fears that Capitols across the country will be attacked. Those fears in part are sparked by the fact that right-wing extremists attacked the Capitol last week and that they are alleged to have help from the inside.

With Wednesday just days away, law enforcement everywhere is beefing up their presences among the areas of the Capitols across the country. An admission, thus indirectly, that law enforcement and the government is fully aware that America is in danger. Danger that by all accounts has revealed that America ‘s biggest enemy is itself — because America has always been its biggest enemy.

Whether people want to admit that or not.

Ahead of inauguration day, numerous flyers promoting more far-right violence have appeared online. Flyers that mention the inauguration directly and others that appear to claim that Donald Trump isn’t actually leaving office no questions asked at all costs. In case it couldn’t get anymore terrifying, there is even a website floating around the internet created by a member of the Capitol terror squad suggesting that the attempted coup isn’t over and he again will remain in office.

Meanwhile social media including popular blogs and social networks have all taken unheard of steps to protect their platforms from related content. Many sites don’t want their platforms used for violent content; the inciting of said violence, or anything to do with election-fraud related content (a conspiracy theory that has already been readily debunked dozens of times.)



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