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A tiny town in MN is catching heat for allowing a “whites-only” group to flourish

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A tiny Minnesota town is finding itself on the receiving end of some questionable backlash over a permit given to a controversial extremist group. According to CNN, the town of Murdock is making headlines after they reportedly granted a building permit to a whites-only religious group.

The description of the group in itself spells out why this is bizarre in almost every possible way. Apparently the group is locally known as Asatru Folk Assembly a group that for some reason appears to believe that Europeans can only be white when in fact that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

City leaders claimed the permit passing which allows the likely hate group to get an old building was due to “First Amendment Rights.”

“We as the leaders of the City of Murdock want it to be known that the City of Murdock condemns racism in all of its forms: Conscious, Unconscious, any place, any time, now and in the future,” Mayor Craig Kavanagh said during Wednesday’s meeting. “We are committed to building a community that promotes equal justice and opportunity to every single person regardless of their race.”

The Conditional Use Permit for the AFA is very controversial if you want to make it about religious beliefs, but what is failing to get mentioned is this vote was not about beliefs,” Kavanagh said in a statement sent to CNN.

“This vote was about a zoning permit to let an old abandoned church be used for exactly what it was built for “a church.” Now I understand the beliefs of who will be using the church are much different from one another, but that is every person’s 1st amendment right according to the Constitution.”



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