Friday wrap-up: Trump ‘s failed again, Trump donor sues, a movie star burned and more

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Friday is officially over. That means we’re back to eating Thanksgiving leftovers and watching cheesy holiday movies chatting with friends. Never fear, however, we’ve still got your Friday newsletter now that Black Friday is over. It’s pretty jam packed so hang in there —- a colourful letter is dead ahead.

  1. Trump ‘s latest efforts in PA are history

The Appeals Court in Pennsylvania has once again found that Donald Trump ‘s efforts to challenge the result of the election are unfounded. Ultimately, the 3-person panel of judges found that the claims just had no merit whatsoever. It is the latest in a long line of blows to Trump ‘s re-election efforts, although many suspect he will take it to the Supreme Court.

2. Black Friday was more like boring Friday for retail workers

Despite high hopes from retailers, people mostly stayed home in America and abroad. The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be the one thing that would largely keep people out of department stores as the annual shopping day took flight. Instead, many people indulged in the fact they could pretty much buy the same doorbusters online while home with their families.

3. A Pro Trump donor is suing to get his money back according to reports

According to multiple reports, Fred Eshelmen, 71, is suing the Trump campaign to get upwards of $2.5m back. According to the suit, Eshelmen originally donated the funds to help expose election fraud however almost every possible person and entity has found that there just wasn’t any. As a result —- the donor is demanding his money back and is willing to tango to get it.

4. Movie star Amber Heard is the subject of a petition to have her removed from Aquaman 2.

The problem with Amber Heard is fairly simple. Not everybody believes in full the claims she made in the case against Johnny Depp. So, as a result more than 1.5m people have signed a petition to get her booted from Aquaman 2. Some feel it is only fair since Johnny Depp has also lost out on work.

5. Convicted serial rapist Harvey Weinstein is officially broke.

According to published reports, Harvey Weinstein ‘s ex wives are teaming up to freeze what remains of his fallen fortune. Multiple reports note that fashion designer Georgina Chapman championed the idea as means to further keep him behind prison bars for his heinous crimes against women. At 68 and seriously ill and broke, Weinstein is set to die behind bars no matter what as he can no longer pay for lawyers.



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