TX Supreme Court denies yet another effort by GOP to supress votes in state

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Word to the GOP: There’s a pandemic in America and drive-thru voting is in fact safe. It’s so safe it’s okay to be done even when it doesn’t directly benefit the GOP.

On Sunday, yet another blow was dealt to the GOP after they once again sought to supress more than 100,000 votes in the Houston area for reasons that alike others are unclear.  The GOP has spent the final week into the election claiming that drive-thru drop off boxes  are allegedly as they say a violation of the U.S Constitution.   It’s important here to note that the GOP has made at least 5-6 different legally flimsy attempts to throw out votes from otherwise counties that don’t support them.

It’s even more important to note that without essentially cheating — the GOP has little chance of winning the election.

The all Republican Supreme Court denied the motion without giving a formal opinion. A federal level hearing is scheduled for Monday because this is what Republicans consider a priority, and ya know, forget everything else.



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