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Ballots in Harris County TX are making headlines, here’s why

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Because the largely Democratic county could easily further sway into Democratic control  further loosening  the GOP ‘s grip on Texas. According to a lawsuit filed this weekend — GOP ‘ers in Texas are eyeing to  invalidate any ballot that was dropped off via a drive-thru method in the area. Republicans are arguing to a court that such was illegal and an alleged violation of the U.S constitution. You know that document that Republicans have spent all of the past 4 years cherry picking for their own gain.

So far according election  officials, upwards of 127,000 people have voted via the drop off method in Harris County. That means that if the GOP manages to win their asinine lawsuit on Monday, 127k ballots will be invalidated and local voters will be asked to cast a provisional ballot in person on Election Day.

*If you are in Harris County please be prepared to possibly vote in person on Election Day. The hearing for this case is scheduled for Monday.

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