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Carrie And The City: SJP fed up with Be Blasio and the crashing circus that is NYC

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New York City and the term itself almost go hand in hand with Sarah Jessica Parker. On Saturday, the T.V icon made it publicly known via letter to the local government that they pretty much to need get their shit together. According to the New York Post, that letter was signed by roughly 45+ business professionals within NYC that are urging the government to quit playing around and get serious.

For those that are wondering what might’ve triggered that letter. So glad you asked. Lately, New York City has been under siege by bad actors who are trying and often successfully managing to make it appear that NYC is far more violent than it actually is. There has been so much crime in New York City lately, you’d think we are in a badly written episode of The Godfather.

According to the Hollywood Reporter (who also has the letter), SJP is urging those who can afford to do so to stay in New York City and continue on the path to recovery. Although it remains to be seen whether or not New York City will ever recover.



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