20 Jun, 2024

Americana Express: Trump could potentially do some time, what’s on TV tonight, pols are trying to goad NY into giving Trump a pardon, plus more top stories to start your day

Good morning everyone and welcome to this edition of Americana Express the first-ever edition of The Express ‘s American newsletter. Tonight we’re giving Netflix a shot with Godzilla Minus One. Honorable mention to The Mother’s Killer also. 2. Pols are trying to goad New York into giving Trump a pardon because you know state charges […]

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Decades old murder case in Wisconsin cracked wide open after patient disclosed to nurse he allegedly killed woman 40 years ago

According to police in Wisconsin, a confession by a patient in a local hospital has led to further examinations in a long sought cold case. WKOW reports that investigators began taking a second look this weekend after the shocking revelation. The victim is believed to be that of Terry Dolowy, who at the age of […]

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A bitter showdown at Windsor Castle is brewing amid reports King Charles is about to evict perverted Prince Andrew

Several reports out this week are painting a dramatic yet juicy picture over at Windsor Castle. According to the Daily Mirror, Prince Andrew and his home at the Royal Lodge are reportedly on the chopping block amid claims that the King is chopping his annual grant. It is understood that the grant helps Andrew upkeep […]

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GOPers in Iowa are showing just how cruel they really are and it involved SNAP benefits

GOPers in Iowa have announced attempts to further restrict SNAP benefits to recipients in the state. According to reports out of Des Moines, a series of bizarre restrictions are being proposed in an effort to stop people from buying healthy and nutritious (and affordable food.) No joke here guys gals and people. According this local […]

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