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Kolfage denies charges of fraud as case heats up

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As with most other things in 2020 —- 2020 has taught us that nobody and nothing is off limits to corruption and scandal. Early on in Trump ‘s initial campaign for President, the precedent for what would become of several failed attempts at a Mexico-US “border enhancement” took flight. In those initial plans, the likes of Steven Brannon and Brian Kolfage created the “Build The Wall Campaign” which in the beginning was exactly what it had seemed.

But earlier this year, the entirety of that campaign was exposed for what it actually was. Documents revealed during quarantine saw Kolfage exposed as a reported fraudster who helped Brannon swindle millions out of people under pretenses of mentioned construction campaign. Prosecutors initially alleged that Kolfage helped Brannon lie to thousands of donors with no intention of ever having the “Wall” successfully built.

Now as reports have surfaced indicating that Bannon and Kolfage are facing some pretty serious charges, er, Kolfage has come out swinging against those charges. Through his reps and lawyers, Kolfage claimed in baseless accusations that the real charges against him were politically motivated. But it’s worth noting that Kolfage knowingly disregarded the We Build The Wall Campaign and instead used funds for his own personal gain. He is accused of stealing at least $350,000 or more from donors from the campaign.



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