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Trump ‘s team seems to hate mail-in ballots for everybody except themselves

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The Trump Administration seems to have a wildly varying opinion on mail-in ballots. First it was Trump himself who claimed that such would lead to widespread voter-fraud; and then it was revealed that Kayleigh McEany has did just that for the last 10 years, and now KellyAnne Conway has done so also.

It’s almost as if the rules of no kind and special treatments only apply to those who are in the White House. According to the Huffington Post, it was revealed Thursday that Conway herself has also enjoyed mail-in ballot privileges on a number of occasions as has Trump himself in recent yearss.

“I mean, they wait in line for a Georgetown Cupcake for an hour, to get a cupcake,” she told reporters at the White House. “So, I think they can probably wait in line to do something as consequential and critical and constitutionally significant as cast their ballot.”



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