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Wild proposal by Senators proposes monthly payment to Americans, but likely won’t pass Republican Senate

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People who received the now widely discussed; mocked, and eventually dispersed $1,200 checks from the government have come to a wildly sobering realisation: it just wasn’t enough.

Now, three Senators largely agree with that reality and have proposed a new bill that would go the way Canada did: $2k a month to every eligible American (ss number or not) until at least 3 months after the pandemic is over.

The bill proposed by Senators Kamala Harris; Bernie Sanders, and Ed Markley would see every American who makes under $120k a year receive a $2k monthly payment. The first and obvious issue with that piece of legislation is that anyone who makes that much monies to begin with — doesn’t need any help from the government. Under the proposal, married couples would get north of $4,000 if they filed jointly.

“Congress [has] a responsibility to make sure that people aren’t left behind,” a release from Harris says. In this particular bill (there are a few of the nature floating around) — the payments would be retroactive from March until 3 months after the pandemic is declared over by Health and Human Services.

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