Tag: Kyle Rittenhouse

February 12, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse is now allowed to maintain himself in hiding, will not be arrested for violating bail conditions

In a move that was widely expected given Rittenhouse somehow seems to evade justice time and time again — he will not be heading to jail anytime soon. According to Judge Bruce Schroeder, Rittenhouse does not require an increased bail; a warrant, or jail time for violating the very conditions that allowed him out of jail to begin with. According to NPR, the judge based […]

August 26, 2020

White gun-toting teenager charged in grisly double murder as Kenosha protests continue

KENOSHA, WISCONSIN — As the protests over the terrifying shooting of an unarmed black man continue, there’s more on the front of rumoured white supremacists seeking to illegally take charge. According to Kenosha authorities, 17-year-old gun-toting lunatic Kyle Rittenhouse murdered two protesters last night while carrying an otherwise illegal AR-15. He murdered one with a blast to the head, er, and the other with a […]