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Eric Adams is begging Albany to crackdown on pot stores across NYC

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And in part of his argument he without much evidence is claiming that weed is being sold to minors in the boroughs. In a recent declaration in Albany, Adams claimed that NYC itself is up to about 1,500 so-called illegal pot stores across the boroughs with many more expected. The so-called pot stores are cropping up in all kinds of neighborhoods and often by large numbers. Adams made the comments at City Hall on Tuesday fuming at reporters.

“We have to zero in on this cannabis stuff,” Adams fumed to reporters at City Hall. “This cannabis stuff is a real problem! And we must make sure that we can’t have people [make] a mockery of our system!

“We go in, we do enforcement, and I think we can only do $250 fines,” he added. “I thought it was less than that. But that’s the cost of doing business [to sellers]. And our police officers can’t take the necessary action.”

“We’re going to put a package [of bills] together just to deal with cannabis so this does not get out of hand. We are about up to about … 1,500 illegal cannabis shops,” the mayor said. “And it’s not only that they’re selling illegal cannabis, but they’re targeting young people!”

“Children are getting high on their way to school,” Adams ranted. “Children are taking these gummy bears. I must be old-fashioned. People don’t realize what’s happening in our country and in our city. We have to start refocusing!”

“These children are waking up in the morning, going into the store, getting gummy bears that’s laced with marijuana, and then they’re going to go in school and learn? And they’re opening up all around us?” the mayor fumed. “No, no, no! We are losing our grip.

“And because I say ‘no’ to that, I got to be the bad guy. No! I just know what it takes to raise healthy children and families,” Adams went on, “and we have created an environment in this city and country where we are harming our children. We always talk about build a better planet for our children, we have to build better children for our planet!”



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