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Twitter Files now claim to reveal both Biden and Trump helped suppress flow of information on social media

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The Twitter Files are beginning to lay bare the extraordinary lengths government authorities went to suppress information from the public.

Flows of information according to newly released information in the alleged Twitter Files appears to show the unthinkable. New files in the dump suggest that both the Biden and Trump administration helped along the supposed coercion between the government and the social media site. The coercion included suppressing even valid COVID information when in instances the government claimed posts or messages were inconvenient to the mission at large.

Initially, much of the suppression appears to have surrounded the initial panic during the pandemic. Initially, some were terrified to even go to the grocery market amid fears of touching contaminated surfaces. The files suggest that the government went beyond typical measures to alleviate those fears even if it meant illegally cooperating with a social media website in private.

In another instance, when the Biden administration took over they specifically began targeting misinformation and prolific vaccine skeptics. One of those skeptics was Alex Berenson a high profile New York Times reporter who had his account suspended amid complaints from the administration that people like Alex were helping people get killed by the virus.

This did not satisfy the Biden administration, and in more ways than one, their coercion to suppress information continued. The files further allege that the government knowingly pushed heavily to have further accounts restricted or outright banned because they felt Twitter wasn’t doing it enough themselves so it required government intervention.



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