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Report: Trump hid $19.8m foreign loan from creditors while he was President

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Shocking new claims have surfaced against former American President Donald Trump. According to a bombshell report by Forbes, Trump had a $19.8m foreign loan in his name leading into his campaign back in 2016 and during his Presidency. It is understood that the loan was owned by L/P Daewoo who received their payment in full in the months following Trump ‘s election. Trump did not disclose the foreign loan when he assumed the White House or during his campaign as was widely expected he do so and is usually customary.

Daewoo is a South Korean conglomerate that partnered with Trump on a development project near the United Nations headquarters in New York City and on several other projects over the course of the past decade or two. It is also one of the companies that was allowed to operate in North Korea throughout the 1990 ‘s leading to concerns about just how much access North Korea had to the American government.



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