Researchers are headed to Alabama to further study a sunken slave ship and what remains inside of it

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Researchers are reportedly returning to Alabama to assess the long-found remains of one of the last known ships to have arrived in America carrying enslaved Africans.

Researchers have revealed that today down in Mobile Alabama they’re beginning a 10-day research project into the remains of a slave ship known as the Cotilda. The Alabama Historical Society is understood to be leading the research project into the ship that is believed to have sank more than 160 years ago. A maritime agency called Resolve Marine is also a part of the project.

Many locals and others have called for the ship to be fully gathered and looked into and then whatever remains are taken from the ship to be studied and placed in a new museum. Originally, the ship was financed by wealthy businessman Timothy Meaher. Meaher ‘s descendants do still live in the are and have extensive land holdings in and around Mobile.



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