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SCOTUS: Puerto Ricans are disqualified from some but not all federal benefits

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In a shocking declaration by the Supreme Court this week, Puerto Ricans have been dealt yet another blow in their quest to be treated as equals by mainland America. According to an opinion written by right-wing judge Brett Kavanaugh — Congress is not required to dole out *all* benefits to those living in Puerto Rico simply because they live in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico despite a common misconception is not a U.S state but rather a U.S territory which has made it a hot button political issue for many years.

“In devising tax and benefits programs, it is reasonable for Congress to take account of the general balance of benefits to and burdens on the residents of Puerto Rico,” Kavanaugh wrote. “In doing so, Congress need not conduct a dollar-to-dollar comparison of how its tax and benefits programs apply in the States as compared to the Territories, either at the individual or collective level.”



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