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Grindr is selling your location data and more to the highest bidder

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A data compromise at Grindr the gay dating app has surfaced. According to reports, a huge swathe of users appear to have had their location data sold to advertisers. The revelations come after it was discovered that advertisers reportedly had been getting data from the app mostly about location — which was then without the consent of users used for other things. It does appear that advertisers may have been getting this information from historical data rather than present day data though that is unclear at this time.

Back in 2020, the app claimed that it would stop all ways for this to be possible ruling out that advertisers would ever get access to app data.

It does not appear that names and such were included in the data, however, experts say that some of the data retrieved by advertisers during the purchase could easily be used to identify a person or persons. Some of the location data appears to have been so accurate that one could easily make “inferences about someone’s identity; romantic partners, and the like.”

In a statement to, Grindr spokesperson Patrick Lenihan denied that the app shared users’ ‘precise location’, and has shared less information with ad partners since 2020.

‘We do not share user profile information, and we do not share even industry standard data like age or gender,’ he said.



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