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36m Americans now face the end of monthly child tax credits because Joe Manchin …. yeah that guy

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Enhanced child tax credits have been a life-saver for millions of modern American families. The boosted payments every month on the back of the already existing credit have tremendously helped many come out of poverty while in existence. Now that very credit is reportedly in jeopardy as Senator Joe Manchin has tanked Biden ‘s hopes of extending the credit and other parts of the administration ‘s top-level social agenda.

Many Americans allocated that money to extra groceries; paying essential household bills, disabled or special needs children expenses, and other life-changing efforts that have helped people along. But for people like Senator Manchin, Manchin believes that less fortunate families or the “middle class” would instead use the boosted payments for less than obvious reasons (bad things at that.) Manchin is understood to have said in private meetings that he felt poorer Americans would make poor financial decisions with the additional money.

Manchin has revealed himself to be one of the Republicans who prefers not to see ordinary Americans win.



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